​​Sunset Mission is an independent progressive rock band from Boston, MA.

Sunset Mission brings the intricate tapestries of progressive rock to life through rich instrumental textures and emotive vocals. This Boston-based seven-piece ensemble came together through a shared passion for musical exploration and collaborative artistry.

Since emerging in 2019 with the transportive prog odyssey "Journey To Lunar Castellum," Sunset Mission has continued pushing their artistry forward. When the world went quiet in 2020, they retreated to the studio, emerging with the immersive 16-minute epic "Eternal Flight" in 2021. With this beacon of hope echoing brighter things to come, Sunset Mission promises more captivating explorations for listeners ready to embark on their captivating musical expeditions. 

"Kaleidoscopic Key" Live Rehearsal Recording

From our Album "Journey to Lunar Castellum"

Praise for "Journey to Lunar Castellum"

- From progarchives.com

Rivertree: "Drawing influences from diverse genre sources, this Boston-based crew provides a wondrous, yet fantastic mix of prog, funk, and yeah, even some pop appeal. Versatile multi-instrumentalists shaping the band's core send out wonderful compositions and harmony vocals in 'Journey To Lunar Castellum'. They are definitely capable of forcing the masses to the dancefloor with the funky groove occurring again and again. A lovely eclectic album, recommended to enjoy in one go, a mandatory task. 4.5 stars."

Praise for "Journey to Lunar Castellum"

- From bandcamp.com

John Woodward: “Thank god some young musicians still keep on doing excellent prog, or whatever you want to call it. This goes easily to my 2019 top 5 list. Name your price is a humble approach to this gem. Thank you for this musical sunrise!"

Favorite track: Writer's Block.

Sven B. Schreiber: "This is a fantastic album, and it's done by another band I haven't heard of anything before. So much great music out there somewhere, which I'm discovering just coincidentally... How much more still waiting to be found? Anyway, what I like most about this album is its versatility. It sounds like prog, but in a moment, it becomes math rock. Then it sounds funky. And all of that can happen in a single song. Breathtaking!" Favorite track: Lunar Castellum.

Hyghilm: “It is like all my favorite genres got together for a night of wonderous passion and produced this beautiful baby. Picking a favorite track was honestly hard. An eclectic masterpiece. I can't wait for the follow up."

Favorite track: Forest Slope.

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